small city jotter notepad (P-Z)

small city jotter notepad (P-Z)



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Cities P-Y- Park Slope to Winston Salem - small cities to big cities like Philadelphia, Portland OR, San Francisco, Seattle, DC.  Plus 2 National Parks- Yellowstone and Yosemite. See all cities in the pull down menu. And check out our other listings with more cities. We work with a local printer down the street to bind the interior notepad with 30 blank sheets. Then we letterpress print the cover, wrap around and attach. It fits perfect in your pocket.

Each notepad measures 3"x5.5" with two rounded corners and is full of 30 blank whitewash colored 100% recycled sheets. The pages are a wonderful smooth text weight and perfect for drawing, writing, gluing, and even erasing. The cover is heavy weight chipboard and is printed with an original illustration of each city, sometimes from vintage maps, sometimes from contemporary maps, and sometimes both.

This listing is for 1 notepad, please choose your city from the pull down menu.

The city notebooks won a Trendy Award in the green category! You can see the other winners over at Stationery Trends magazine: